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My Networking Goals are to:

1. Meet with senior executives and legal departments who want to explore the many benefits of hiring "outsourced" or part-time General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel.

2. Recruit new members for VNO and meet others who are passionate about the power of networking to transform careers.
Side Interests
Professional Soccer (especially Barcelona), History (especially U.S. History), Hiking, Biking.
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Select Your VNO Team (Subject to Availability)
  • NYC-Based VNO Members
  • VNO Speakers Bureau (By Invitation Only)
  • VNO Team 1
  • VNO Team 2 ("Enterprising GCs")
  • VNO Team 3 ("The Night Hawks")
  • VNO Team 4 ("The Networking Eagles")
  • VNO Team 5 ("GC Trusted Advisors")
  • VNO Team 6 ("The Founder's Club")
I Can Give a "TenTalk" Presentation on:
1. What all corporate executives need to know about Intellectual Property.

2. Why every company, of any size, needs a General Counsel — at least part time.

3. Best practices for effective professional networking.
My "Need to Meet" Statement
My business GCnow is a niche legal recruiter that connects great companies with experienced, part-time General Counsel.

To Grow GCnow, I Need to Meet:

● Other "Outsourced" General Counsel — these are my clients whom I place with companies looking for such talent

● Other "Outsourced" C-Suite Executives — CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CISOs — these are my key "adjacents" or marketing partners, since the same type of companies that hire them would also hire me or other GCs in the GCnow community

● Companies that are funded but do not yet have a General Counsel and are juggling significant legal issues or spending too much on outside law firms

● Companies that are suddenly addressing complex and potentially explosive legal issues that they don't fully understand — for example, Intellectual Property, Litigation, a Government Investigation, a Merger or Acquisition or a Cybersecurity Breach

● Companies that are experiencing generalized "fear, uncertainty or doubt" about whether they are properly "handling" the legal function — an experienced GC can relieve that free-floating anxiety

● Non-Lawyer C-Suite Executives who hate "riding herd" on legal issues and hiring/monitoring/firing outside law firms — a great GC will take legal off their plates and let them focus on making money!

In The House LLC

26 Broadway, 8th Floor

New York, NY 10004

Tel.  212-619-5378

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